Dec 3, 2009

Then on to Bern.

Then on to Bern to see my family. Oh how I love the country. There is a part of me that comes alive when I go home there. I miss it when I am here. But then I suppose there is also a part of me that comes alive here, as well. The moments at home are just fewer, so I am more aware of it I guess. Anyway...time in Bern.
I really only got pictures of one afternoon, but it was a fun one.

First a little climbing on the pile of rocks with my brothers and their kiddos.

Then a visit to "Grandpa's pigs".

Then a walk to the creek where we spent lots of time playing when we were kids. It is just a short walk from my parent's backyard. This was the first time I took Malia there. It felt like I was introducing her to something really special. I hope she has room to play and explore as she grows up.
I only took pictures of my brother's family because I was holding Malia's hand tightly near the creek. :) The green balls you see had fallen from the tree and we all enjoyed throwing them into the water. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

And what Thanksgiving would be complete without a little rabbit hunting? My brothers and and their friends have enjoyed doing this for years. It's basically a chance for the guys to act act like kids for awhile, running around through the grass, talking in manly voices, and shooting things. Hubby was initiated in last year and loves it!

Grandma and Grandpa, what fun to be at your house! We are blessed to have a full, growing family. Thanks for a wonderful time.

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  1. So fun! Also, the sweet little girl in the white sweater with your mom looks like Josie. I thought she was one of yours for a second!