Dec 9, 2009

Wintery Weather.

It has arrived! I really love it. Except for this morning when I got stuck in the middle of my street in a huge snow drift! I was driving the kids to a friends house, made it out of our driveway and down the street about 100 yards before I attempted to drive through this snow drift. Big mistake. I don't know what I was thinking.

So I call Hubby (who is working from home today) 4 times with no answer. What in the world? I saw him 30 seconds ago. So now I'm faced with the decision...leave my kids in a running, unlocked car to run down the street and get Hubby? Or stay there and keep calling. Option number two obviously wasn't working so I say a prayer and dash back up the street retrieving my husband. His phone was on silent. In hindsight, I could have locked the car, but for some reason I had it in my head that I had to keep it running so the girls would stay warm. Oh well, our neighborhood is somewhat removed from town.

We still couldn't get it out. That van is heavy. About then, our neighbors notice that we're having issues, so they come out to help us. One of them has a snow plow attached to a four wheeler. Nice. We finally got it out and Hubby drove the van back around the neighborhood (for some strange reason, he didn't trust me to drive after going through a snow drift) and we made it back home. I'm so glad he was there to rescue me. I don't know what would have happened if I had taken off when he was gone. Oh, and we didn't make it to our friends' house.

Lesson learned....when approaching deep snow in a vehicle, accelerate and then let of the gas and make your wheels straight as you go through it.

Here are the girls experiencing their first snow day of the season. I think Josie doubled in size after donning her snow apparel. Her gloves were twice as long as her little hands. She kept falling over in the snow because she had trouble balancing!


  1. The girls look so precious in their snow outfits!

  2. Such cuties! Did they have fun?

    So sorry about getting stuck. I tell you, Hannah was a wreck all morning, asking for Josie and making the sign for "help" and running to get her coat and shoes. She was worried because I had told her you were stuck in all the snow. She was prepared to go dig you out I guess. :)

  3. So sorry about getting stuck and you didn't even tell me when I called. Can't believe the girls played very long in the cold. I didn't even make clearing all the driveway this AM. It was COLD!

  4. josie reminds me of the little boy on "a christmas story" when he can't put his arms down! i'm pretty sure that's the best snowman ever. i love how his body is more like a snow mound! hilarious.