Feb 17, 2010

Dreaming of Spring.

Even this girl who likes overcast days is ready for some sun.
Until then, we keep trying to come up with fun things to do.
Valentine's crafts,
the "action video", which is really a video where the kids copy animal movements,
building hiding places,
playing with a visitor,
and puzzles were today's answers.
Any ideas?  What are you doing inside these days?


  1. Is that a library video? These cold dreary days are waring and getting difficult. We've been playing a lot with puzzles, playdough, colored noodles, and recently built a cardboard house.

  2. What are we doing . . . going crazy!!! We've just borrowed a sesame street video, which is fun and new. Our electricity goes out from 1-4, so my greatest challenge time (is also when I'm the most tired) is finding ways to entertain Ethan, where's it is warm and he won't wake Elli. I'm with you on the longing for Spring and soon to follow SUMMER!!!