Feb 2, 2010

A Honey of a Guy.

We found a bee farmer!

Nate and I are in the gradual process of looking for how we can buy more things locally. This was a fun find because he is the dad of Nate's good college friend. He lives not too far out of town, but the great thing is that he delivers here in town, I think at the Student Union??? Not sure about that.

His honey has a wildflower taste. We think it's yummy.
It's raw honey. I guess you should know that.

The good news is that he's affordable. In fact, if you get the 3 lb. bottle (which we will - we go through a lot of honey) it is $8. Cheaper than Wal-Mart. Prices vary for the smaller bottles. I can't tell you for sure what those are.

If buying locally is something that interests you, he is
Bill Neilson
Maka'ni Acres.
Email: wjn@ksu.edu.
Phone: 785-293-5723.


  1. thanks, Erika! I made a card for this in my rolodex. Now if I can just remember it's there when I get low on honey!

  2. eating locally is definitely a challenge - one that i'm trying to implement in our life too! my brother gifted me the book "plenty". it's def worth a read.

  3. Austin got suckered when buying some local honey from a dear old lady selling it on the side of the road. It was more in the form of a rock and wouldn't pour out of the plastic bottle. But he was determined and after much patience and persistance, we've about finished it off. Glad you found a trusted seller!

  4. Yay, for local! That really is exciting. I had been looking for local meat for over a year and just found a source last week. Exciting! I really enjoy your blog layout. Very clean. How did you get to use your own font for the date and title??

  5. way to go! i think you are doing much better at this local-thing than i have been. but, i'm working on it!
    about the fruit: yet another way that you and kirk are cut from the same cloth...he dislikes oranges because they are too much work for him. i have a student that eats, like, 3 oranges a day and always smells like oranges. he always tries to sneak up on me but i can smell him coming for miles because of the citrus scent! at our house we're big strawberry and organic gala apple fans. strawberries have been super cheap for about a year and the bags of organic apples are pretty comparable in price to non-organic apples.
    love you. miss you.