Feb 6, 2010

My Second Sweet Sixteen.

Do the math and you will know how old I turned yesterday! It really was a delightful day:
brunch at "The Chef" with Nate's parents, who stayed and made crafts with the girls,

I got pretty flowers from my husband,

We sewed letters onto the girls' superhero capes (see below),

and some college girls put it together that I would be home alone in the evening, so they came over with this cake made by Erica:
and a bag of movies for me to choose from.  I picked Little Women.  I hadn't seen it in years, and did not expect to cry FIVE TIMES!  I'd forgotten how wonderful it is! Something about a culture with no TV, simple living, and shared work and lives is so inspiring to me.  My "amish tendencies" coming out again. :)

Thanks to everyone who called and sent cards or gifts for helping to make my birthday really fun!  I look at my life and think I'm pretty blessed.



  1. It was a delightful day! That cake is awesome looking? What kind was it? It reminds me of a rainbow. Glad you had a good day!

  2. It is just regular funfetti cake with food coloring in it and Strawberry frosting =)

  3. I love you Eeka! I'm so glad God put you in this world. It is truly a better place because you are in it. Happy Birthday!

  4. Austin's concerned by the crying at Little Women. :)We love you!!! Happy Birthday.