Feb 4, 2010

The Quilting Bee Chronicles. Chapter 1.

The Worship Team girls have embarked on an adventure together.  Making tee-shirt quilts.  Yes, I think it will be an adventure.  We have a couple tee-shirt quilts around our house and the girls were all interested in learning...so here we are!  I'm dubbing this "the Chronicles" because I anticipate it taking a few rounds to make progress, and hopefully, finish!  Day one...

Step One: clear the furniture for five girls' worth of tee-shirts.

Step Two: arrange some flat surfaces to work on.
Step Three:  set pattern on flat tee-shirt, trace, and cut.

Step Four (not pictured): cut out iron-on interfacing squares slightly smaller than the tee-shirt squares.

Step Five: make superhero capes for the little ones from scraps.

Step Six:  Pretend you're in a rock band.  At least that's what Jade said she was doing.

Step Seven: Leave and take all your stuff with you.  We'll re-convene next week.

These college girls keep me young.  Hmm...or do they actually me me feel really old?  Probably the latter.  That's okay.  There are some really great things that come along with aging, I'm discovering. :)


  1. These bring me joy =)

  2. Looks like fun, Erica! Sometimes your stories make me miss my old job doing college ministry...

  3. So much fun......I recognize the tshirts in the first picture! I have washed them MANY times through the years!! Thanks for taking such good care of my girl....Kimberly! My heart is wrapped around her every day....I love her so much!
    ~Jane (Kimberly's mom)