Feb 11, 2010

The Quilting Bee Chronicles. Chapter 2.

Day 2:
Just one long step: Iron, iron, and more ironing!

With all the tee-shirt squares and interfacing squares cut out, it is time to adhere them together.
With all of our combined effort, everyone's was finished.  Hooray!

I guess there's one more step: Lay It Out. Decide how you want to arrange the squares.

The discarded cardboard patterns made great art projects today.
Yes, that's Josie eating glue.

The next chapter will probably be in a few weeks.  But that's when the fun will begin: piecing it all together!



  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    OK, you are inspiring me! I have a sack full of T-shirts just waiting to be quilted. They are full of memories of missions and Africa. I need to do it. Thanks for sharing the process and encouraging the rest of us! Love, Gogo

  2. That is amazing! I can't believe you're all doing this at once! What a job! I wish I was one of your worship team girls!!

  3. Love it!!! I'm amazed at your ability to get so many girls and their t-shirts on your living room floor. And at the ability to get everyone together for consecutive crafting time. That alone is scheduling genius! What fun. I'm already saving my kids' t-shirts (Java House, Turtle Bay, Focus) for quilts in the future.