Feb 26, 2010

Sneak Peak.

Today we had a sneak peak of Spring. We played OUTSIDE!

Here is a sneak peak of my most recent project. This is a very special project. My dear sister-in-law and I are, from separate continents mind you, making coordinating dresses for our girls (my 2 and her 1) to wear at her cousin's wedding this summer!  These will also by my girls' Easter Dresses.  We are pumped to be crafting together across the ocean. :)

 So here's a sneak peek for you Jenni:
This is Malia's. I am very surprised at how fast it is coming together. I cut it out last night and am probably over half done just working on it today.

(Josie's and Elli's fabric layers will be the opposite of Malia's.)

I get excited every time I open the office and see it laying there waiting for me to work on it. :)  It's so cute!  This was my first pattern from Etsy.com.  I am loving how simple the directions are.  I always get a little overwhelmed by the normal patterns you buy at the store.

While I took pictures, Malia was pretending our Chinese English dictionary was "God's Holy Bible" and she was telling Josie all about Jesus dying because he had lots of ouchies.  They are loving each other lately.  So fun.


  1. LOVE the sneak peak! It looks so cute. I can't wait to have them together in their coordinating little dresses! What fun it will be. Hope Uncle Nate's planning on bringing his camera and mad picture snapping skills!

  2. Oh, before I forget . . . when you send the fabric with mom, could you send the thread you've used as well? The thread I can get here isn't very strong. It bunches up easy. Thanks

  3. You both are SO creative! Can't wait to see the three little girls together!! Makes me smile and tears come to my eyes! ANTICIPATION!!! Love you all, Gogo

  4. How cute!! I love Malia reading from "God's Holy Bible". Surely the Chinese person who wrote the dictionary never had that in mind. :)