Mar 22, 2010

Creative Energy.

I feel like I have a post titled this exact same thing every few months.
Here I am again, feeling the urge to make lots of things.

My friend Gail has shown me a few creative-type blogs that she follows. We're both talking about using some of their tutorials to make kids clothes out of old adult clothes. There is SO MUCH out there you can do with tee-shirts, button-down shirts, etc.!

We just brought in our spring clothes, and with that I found several tee-shirts that never actually make it "out" of the tub, but just sit in there year round. With all of these new ideas, I took them out and started thinking how I could use them!

A couple of days ago and today, I followed this tutorial on how to make a girl's skirt out of old tee-shirts. Very easy.

For the first one (Malia's), I just followed the directions.

For Josie's, I decided to change how I sewed on the ruffles. Rather than sew their wrong sides directly on the right side of the skirt, as the directions suggest) I decided to sew the right sides together and then fold it down to make more of an unseen hem. Like this:
I liked how the seams looked.  I'd do that again.

HOWEVER...I also tried to place Josie's ruffles so that they would lay flat, rather than flip out like Malia's.  I thought it might look better.  (See how Malia's curl up?)  Well I decided that I liked the curled-up look better than the flat look.  Now I know.
I'm just excited that it was warm enough to play outside again!  Bring on the Spring!!



  1. I love it! Definitely going to be checking out that blog -- what a great way to re-purpose unused shirts!

  2. Sooo cute, Erika! I want to spend an entire day sewing with you! When can we make it happen?

  3. Those look great! I want to try it! Great idea.

  4. So cute! I checked out the blog, and love it! I may try making the cloth blocks.

  5. Cute! I'm very impressed!

  6. These are so cute! I, too, have the sewing bug. Just finished the Easter dresses and am looking for another project. This might be it!