Mar 10, 2010

Good Bye James!

 (we took this after a couple had already left - sorry Bob and Sandie!!)

See the red-head in the middle of the back row?  That's James.  He's totally cool and so sweet with our kids.  He is leaving K-State because he was offered an awesome job!!  Nate and I couldn't let him slip away in the middle of the semester without a proper farewell party (though I think he will stay connected to most people in that picture for many years...:)

James...(even though I'm pretty sure you never read this blog)'ll be MISSED!

And, I can't help but post that, YES, that is Ulla Pomele, the K-State linebacker, that joined us for dinner.  I thought my sports-fan family members would enjoy that!



  1. I'm so sad I missed this!! I totally forgot about it!!!! =(

  2. Too cool to have a KSU footballer in your house! And you are amazing to squeeze in a farewell in the middle of preparing to head to CO. See you Friday. Gogo