Mar 26, 2010

Loving It!!

This about sums it up.
My friend Mendy would be so proud.
She's always wanted me to be a sports-fan.  I'm just not normally.
But I have to say, right now, I am SO IN to basketball!  (Also my husband's dream come true. :)
Last night's game made my heart beat so fast.
By the way, the picture above is one of my most-loved tees.
It's from my friend, from her mom.  A genuine vintage (no offense Sandie!) tee-shirt.

I have to share this conversation that happened after dinner yesterday while the kids were still at the table and I was cleaning up dishes:

Malia:  Oookay.  Let's think about all the things we're thankful for and tell God about it.
Me:  Yeah!  That is a great idea.  Let's do it.
(I name off some things and people I am thankful for.)
(Malia lists off some things she's thankful for....Josie is quietly mimicking every thing that Malia says about a second after her.)
Me:  Those are good things guys!  Okay, let's count to three and then say a big "THANK YOU GOD!!"  1....2....3...
Malia and I together:  THANK YOU GOD!!
Josie, about a second behind:  TANT YOU DOD!!
Malia:  No, let's pray to God. (she interlocks her fingers under her nose)
Josie, about a second behind, fingers interlocked under nose:  pay to Dod.
Me:  Okay, that sounds great.  Malia, you talk to God.
(Malia never will be the one to do the actual talking so I'm surprised to hear her start praying!)
Malia: Deeaaarr God.  Thank you for Mommy and Daddy....
Josie, a second behind:  tank you mommy daddy.
Malia:  ....and thank you for......(short pause)...the Wildcats....
Josie:  ...wiltats...
Malia:  Deeaarr God...Amen.
Josie:  amen.

Apparently, she's been picking up on the love for purple around here these days.  Not sure if this is good or bad....:)



  1. Oh my, so cute! I stopped breathing a couple of times toward the end of the game last night! Nolan and I ended up having to watch it in different rooms because he was yelling at me like I was the ref making bad the bad calls. :) "You're seriously going to make that call!?!" as he's looking right at me. haha.

  2. Seeing that shirt made me smile!!

  3. that is precious! I love the "wiltats", darling!

  4. did you see clara in the collegian saying her prayers for the wildcats? :)