Mar 18, 2010

The Summit.

Nate and I (through the generosity of both of our parents) were able to go along on a Spring Break trip without the girls to Colorado. It was Christian Challenge's annual Spring Break trip called Summit.
This many people went.
Gordon McDonald was the main speaker. If you don't know much about him, he's a great guy to hear from/read about/learn from. He's authored several books, including "The Resilient Life" and "Ordering Your Private World".
The students swarmed him. I don't think Gordon had a free moment where he wasn't answering questions.  It was so cool to see these 18-22 year olds so enthralled with the words of a man of his age.  He spoke so candidly and directly about his experiences and failures, breathing wisdom gleaned from 71 years of life. 
Though directed at college students, the time with Gordon brought to surface two main things in my life that I feel need attention.

1) I am so quick to fill my mind with ideas from books and blogs.  (Some authors are followers of Christ, some not.)  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Actually, most ideas I take in have challenged me to think proactively about how I'm walking with the Lord.

However, this week I was reminded that I am a human being, prone to sin and fall into the world's systems, unless I choose to fill my mind and heart regularly with the Truth.  So, as I take in all these ideas and process them, I don't want to proudly assume I am immune to "hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than Christ." (Col. 3:8)

I want to actively put God's Word at the center of my mind and heart each day.

2) I am an abstract thinker.  Always thinking about ideas.  My mind is (without trying) most often filled with questions rolling around like "Who is God?"  "How does He relate with His creation?"  "How does He want me to live?"  I'm kind of constantly forming and re-forming answers to these big-type questions.

So...that being true, as I formulate these thoughts and ideas begin to take shape in my head, I guess I get pretty passionate about them.  Nate says I get pretty passionate.  I just think I have ideas...Nate calls them soap-boxes. :)  Either way, he's recently called me on the fact that sometimes my soap-box moments can go from great, God-given ideas to slander.  Yes, there I said it.  Slander.  One of those words in the Bible that God finds detestable.  I don't like to think that I am a slanderous person.  But I think my husband is right, sometimes my words stop communicating compassion on a deceived people, and begin communicating that I think I'm better than "those stupid people".  I'm embarrased to even put that in print.  But that's the honest reality. 

This weekend, God showed me that that is sin and something to be dealt with.

So...I'm thankful for the time we had away to talk more deeply with each other, pray, and hear from a wise old man. :)  I feel deeply loved by God that He would show me these things in my heart to deal with. 



  1. As always, your heart sharing encourages and challenges me to the core. I sure love you! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. This is so great! =)I love hearing peoples reaction to Summit =) They are all so wonderful and different!

  3. Man, I love your heart so much. Your teachable heart is SO refreshing and challenging to me. I would love to have a few minutes (dare I wish for hours?) with you.

  4. Grateful that God used the time at Summit in your life. I know He used you in the lives of others. Thanks for allowing me the privilege to keep your girls and share life with them. I am blessed with you as a daughter and they as granddaughters!

  5. So glad you were able to get away. Thanks for sharing some of what you've been challenged by. I look forward to connecting and hearing more.

  6. I'm so glad that you were able to go!!! Gosh... this takes me back to such a pivotal moment in my life as well.

    Love love love hearing your heart. Love you more!