Apr 12, 2010

Sew Busy

I've had the sewing bug.
I found this sheet set at Second Thyme Around and really loved it.
I immediately thought: Dress! Curtains! Hmm...what else could it become??
Yes!  I had a project.

I also found some fun pictures of and a tutorial for making girls dresses out of old tee-shirts.

So...first Josie got a tee-shirt dress.  I used several old shirts and tanks that Nate and I don't wear anymore.  I didn't have a girl's a-line dress pattern (you would think I could find one online.  If anyone has one, let me know!) so I made one up.  Let's just say.....it needed some help.  The neck was super big, so I had to make it smaller by cutting into the sleeves.  Well now the sleeves are skin-tight.  Ha.  It is full of...um...character, shall we say.  In other words, in the 4-H standards I was taught by, it would get a white ribbon for sure.  But alas, Josie likes to wear it.  I'd like to adjust my pattern and try to make more.  I have tons of shirts to use.

Then...Malia got a pillowcase dress from the above fabric.  Pretty easy.  Took me a morning while I did other things with my kids.  But they played by themselves a lot too.  I used this tutorial.  It went smoother than the tee-shirt dress, but I would tweak some things next time around.

I wanted them to show their dresses for the camera.  This is what I got:

Happy warm weather to you!


  1. michellelynnworley@gmail.com11:22 AM

    Eeka, I think you should start a business of making kids clothes or write a book! Either way, I'd buy!

  2. Ooh, writing a book. I like that idea.