Apr 19, 2010

Who's Two?

So happy with her tutu Mommy made and "hop-hop" crocheted by Grandma.

There was definitely a "hop-hop" theme going on.  Can you tell she likes bunnies?

Her first bite of dessert!  In her whole life!  (We hold off on sugar for a couple of years. :)
She wasn't quite sure what to think.  She liked the cupcake, but wouldn't touch the frosting.

Malia had no problem with the frosting.

Some of her sweet friends came to play at the park and have cake.

She's getting so grown up!  I can't believe it!

This girl makes so many people smile.  Such a fun little bundle of personality.

This is her favorite place to be at the park.  Notice how slouched and relaxed she is.
We sure love this girl.


  1. Happy Birthday to Josie. I can't believe she is 2 already.

  2. Thanks for the pictures! She definitely does draw out the smiles.
    Looks like you all had fun at the park.
    Your girls are so precious and lovable!

  3. Happy Birthday, Josie! Great work on the bunny cupcakes! Looks like a fun celebration. Erika- I can't find your email address... drop me a line so I have it sometime (beckybartlett1@gmail.com)

  4. Happy Birthday Josie!!! We would have loved to be there to celebrate your hop-hop birthday! (Way to go on the cake Mom.) Love you so.
    Auntie Jenni

  5. I'm pretty sure that is mine and brittany's favorite spot too... We go there all the time just for the swings! =) That is so great! Such fun pictures!! I love your girls so much! (I agree with Kimbo!)

  6. Thanks for the pictures! Wish we could have been there. Looks like you all had fun!