May 2, 2010

Tractors, Pinwheels, and Hop-Scotch.

There are few things that make my heart swell with joy as much as seeing my kids spend time with their families: grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.
Time to play, grow, and bond together beats just about anything I can think that my kids would enjoy doing.

We've been fortunate enough to spend time with both sides of our family recently.
Last weekend, it was Babu and Gogo and our cousins whom we haven't seen in over a year!  What a treat.
Ethan was a trooper in sharing his toys with girls who really love other people's toys.
What a gentlemen.

As you can see, Josie's face is healing nicely from her recent face plant on the patio.


I think my head looks really huge in this picture.  Or maybe my hand looks strange-ly tiny.

This little sleeping beauty was experiencing some major jet-lag.  Slept right through most of our play. :)

We are looking forward to more time with these cousins in the coming months while they are living in the same state!

This weekend, it was home to Bern.
  With such beautiful weather, we spent a lot of it outside.
Grandpa's bringing the tractor around.  Malia's not so sure....

Oh, okay.  I really like this!
How many kids can you fit in one tractor cab?  We thought about trying all of them.
But settled for four plus Grandpa.

Josie patted my back to console herself from the scary tractor noise.

But I got her to do it if I rode with her.

If you're looking for a fun activity, good ole' hop-scotch kept our kids entertained for a long time!

Loves his Grandpa.

A little fishing while the "little sisters" napped.  Blake and Nolan caught one.

Inside time was spent lounging in pj's most of the time.  We try to play ping-pong around the kids. :)

So blessed to have two loving families.
Thanks for all you do Babu, Gogo, Grandpa, and Grandma to make our family time special!



  1. That looks so fun! What a blessing to be able to enjoy time with family! I noticed in that last picture your parents had some scripture written on the wall. I have been wanting to do that but wasn't quite sure how to go about it. (I don't trust myself to just freestyle it!) How did they do it?

  2. Those are great pictures!! I love the one of Josie on the rings! So great! Looks like you had fun! =)

  3. It is so good to be FAMILY! Looking forward to more times together!

  4. Great pictures, Erika - they make it look ALMOST as fun as the real thing! You know, these family weekends would not be possible without such wonderful children/grandchildren.

    In response to Amanda, the scripture is vinyl letters. I ordered online, you can find many companies that make these, and can be customized to any wording you want. They are rubbed on, instructions are provided. It did take a little time to get it all done, and you have to be careful with skinny parts of letters, so think about that when choosing a font. Of course, you could always go back to the old way of stenciling.