Jun 17, 2010

Sour Cherry Pie

This week I learned about sour cherries.  I didn't really know about them.
I read that someone had sour cherries to pick this week, and I was in!
I've been meaning to go pick berries with Malia for a couple of summers now, but kept missing the windows of opportunity.
So this time, I went for it!
Apparently, sour cherries are soft and bruise easily.
For this reason, they don't travel well and are not shipped.
So you really can only find them for about three weeks a year.
They are very tart and I heard they make great pies and jam.
My little helper (Malia), who was a great help in picking (the branches were low to the ground and she was so excited and talked my ear off the whole time) and I picked a little more than 2 quarts.
Other than being frightened by a cat, dog, and lawnmower (which lead to a skinned knee), she did great.
She loved the chickens.
This was my pitting station yesterday afternoon.

Here's my little picker sucking down the "juice" left at the end.
Her and Josie both downed these cherries, even though they were pretty tart.
I've been eating quite a few too.

Most of the cherries went into a pie!
I must say, it's the best cherry pie I've ever eaten by far.
I've only made one other cherry pie with fresh cherries before, and those were from the store and mixed with a canned filling.
I think I've become a fan of the sour cherries.

This was Nate's portion. :)

Tonight after dinner I watched Josie and Malia literally chow down on their cherry pie treat and scrape their plates with their spoons to get every last lick.  It was so satisfying to know that it was something that came together from tree to plate in one day.  With Malia's help.  I am a crust snob, too, and can't seem to let myself settle for a store-bought crust.  I know everybody says they taste the same, but I just don't agree!

If you ever want a 4-ingredient so simple crust recipe that I use every time (sooo good), just ask.
It's really, really easy.



  1. Oh goodness! It sounds like you and Malia had so much fun! That is so great!! I was thinking about you guys last night! We were talking about cherries at supper and I was wondering how it went! That pie looks fabulous! =) Sounds like a trip that was way worth it!


  2. How fun! This reminds me that I have one quart of the sour little guys in the freezer from last summer. Jay and Heidi Baumgartner have several trees that they let people pick from if you're ever interested at this time in future years.

  3. There is no better pie than cherry pie, in my opinion! And yours looks to-die-for!! You've been missing out, all these years! ;) I wish I had a source for pie cherries. You can find them canned at some stores, but they are *expensive*! Oh, how I love tart cherry pie!

  4. Looks yummy! I agree with you on store bought crust. I think making pie crust intimidates people, but it's really so easy and tastes so much better.

  5. Oh, Erika--your pictures made me salivate! Call me next time you get invited to pick cherries. I want in on the experience!

  6. Totally agree about store-bought vs. homemade crust. So easy and worth the time to make crust! Your pie looks devine. We had a cherry tree growing up and I miss it. I'll have to plant one when we move (someday).

  7. We're sour cherry lovers here too. I must say you are a very NEAT pitter. I just use my thumb and juice goes everywhere.

  8. Renee8:11 AM

    sounds like you had fun. When we pit, we use a paper clip that has the middle fold opened up (the bigger ones are sturdier). It pops the pit right out without much muss or fuss. Homemade crust is always best. Even if the taste were close (and it isn't), store-bought can never compare with the texture/flakiness!

  9. Mmm,mmm,mmm. Yes, a fresh cherry pie is one of the best! Glad you discovered this, as I sure didn't teach it to you! Makes me remember all the cherry picking and pitting we did as kids.