Jun 8, 2010

Summer Camp

Our kids are so blessed to be able to participate in our church's Summer Camp.
It's actually just during church, which is normally the "Sunday school" time.
Except it's packed with fun summer-camp goodness!
So while we go to church, our kids get soaked!
Well Nate took pictures this week.
They learn Biblical ideas and Scripture, with crazy activities to go along with it.
The kids love it.
So many adults and college students volunteer each week to make it happen.

The woman in the background here is the head lady. :)  The woman behind it all.
The wife of one of Nate's co-workers with Christian Challenge.
She loves doing this and is a HOOT!  The kids love her.

This is Josie's class.
I love how Zeke is nonchalantly squirting Nate with a watergun while he takes his picture. 

Next week, I'm bringing 4 gallons of mashed potatoes to church for a food fight.
Should be interesting. :)


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  1. Love the pics. I'm partial to the one of Jas---love his tummy and his toes!