Jun 1, 2010

Television Survey

Okay, Nate and I would like your input!
It's summer and it sounds fun to watch a season of some new (to us) TV show on DVD. 
Sounds fun, yes, but we don't have any idea:
1) what shows there are even out there, and
2) which ones are good!

So...here is your chance to let us know what show you think is worth our one pick for the summer.
We prefer it to be relatively clean.
We already watch Lost and The Office.
Heros, 24, and Prison Break are out.
(We already watched some of those in previous years and want something different.)
Other than that, we're up for suggestions.

We're just picking one, so be convincing!



  1. CHUCK!!!! Clean, funny, love, love CHUCK!!! Main character (CHUCK) is a nerd gone spy, through a unique set of circumstances. Such a great light spy show. I think you would both like it a lot. If you want something a bit more dramatic try CASTLE. It is great too, the writing is awesome! It is a crime solving drama. I have a LOT more suggestions, but you are only picking one so I will leave it at these for now.

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I agree, Chuck is really good...Also the first season of Modern Family was really good


  3. Well Lost & Office are two favorites in our home. I'm not sure when season one comes out, but we LOVE LOVE LOVE Community. Matter fact, it is now become our favorite even over Office. (Working in a college environment makes it funnier because almost everything relates!) Joel McHale (Talk Soup) and Chevy Chase are some of the leads. GREAT show.

  4. Firefly is awesome.

  5. I would definitely recommend CHUCK as well as FLASH FORWARD.

  6. LOVE the new show Parenthood but I'm not sure it's on DVD yet. Soon, hopefully. I think you'd love it!

  7. I agree that Firefly was really good. Jeremy and I are watching Arrested Development right now through netflicks (via our wii). It's older, but still pretty funny and entertaining.

  8. I like Parenthood, too--pretty much a guarantee that I'll cry each episode. There are some questionable parts and at times it feels a bit soap-opera-y, but I love the character development and closeness of the family.

  9. Friday Night Lights! I've seen a little of all of the above, and aside from Lost, my most definite fave. It's honestly the only show Matt will watch with me, which is saying a lot. Will be anxious to here the Sapp family decision.

  10. I meant hear. How could I miss that grammatical error?

  11. I don't watch a lot of network tv, so I don't have a funny sitcom to recommend. However, I LOVE AMC's "Breaking Bad." The suspense is keeping me on the edge of the sofa! I can't wait until next week's episode. (It's currently in its third season). The main character is a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to provide for his family after he's gone, he starts to cook meth. It's really interesting to see how they've conveyed all the bad things that happen to his family and perfect strangers because of this decision. Trying to do "good" for his family creates a lot of "bad." As far as cleanliness goes, there is some violence (drug deals gone bad) and I can think of one character to who uses the word that rhymes with witch.