Jun 2, 2010

Will this be the year...

...of the sprinkler??
Malia got this for her 2nd birthday, but has pretty much been scared of it ever since.
Today Nate set it up.

Josie was the first to actually make her way in towards the water.
Malia kept circling the yard in broad sweeps, having fun but avoiding the water.

Josie started running in toward the hoses, gasping, acting surprised every time the water hit her face.
She would shake a bit, then get overcome with smiles and squeals of delight!
Over and over again.
Malia, not to be outdone by her little sister, eventually made her way in toward the water too.

Soon they were both wet!!

Maybe this will be the year.



  1. Gma Farwell10:05 PM

    FUN FUN FUN!!!! Some of the best summer memories I think involved a sprinkler!

  2. What fun! I hope to break ours out and give it a whirl soon!

  3. Would have loved to have been there to see it all happen!

  4. Cutest pictures!!!!! (of the cutest girls!) =)