Jul 21, 2010

Have you read these?

Of course many of you have.  Probably as a child.  Or watched the show, which I did a little bit.

I recently had the pleasure of attending "Little House on the Prairie" the musical in an outdoor theatre in KC with three great friends.  (Well, recently, as in about a month ago.)  It was so much fun!  And it inspired me to re-read the books!

I don't think I ever made it past Farmer Boy as a kid, so I hope to make it through them all now.  They're pretty easy reads. :)  I'm on Book 2, the most well-known (pictured above).

They have already caused me to reflect a lot on how we live and parent.  One of the main ideas I've been pondering is how we (and children) are entertained and find joy in daily life.  The other one being how children were very aware of what was expected of them and how they responded to those expectations.  Was it healthy? unhealthy? loving? How did discipline play a role in that?

I think there are definitely things to learn from hearing a woman tell the story of her life in a different era.  It's so interesting to hear her describe her 5-year old perspective on her life events.  Here's one excerpt that blows my mind (Keep in mind they are in route from the East to the Midwest in a hand-build covered wagon. They've almost died a couple of times.  They are now "camping out" on the prairie where they plan to build a home.  All they can see around them is grass and the horizon.  There is a creek somewhere near them.  They've been here for a few days.):

"Laura was very happy.  The wind sang a low, rustling song in the grass.  Grasshoppers' rasping quivered up from all the immense prairie.  A buzzing came faintly from all the trees in the creek bottoms.  But all these sounds made a great, warm, happy silence.  Laura had never seen a place she liked so much as this place....They sat by the campfire and ate the tender, savory, flavory meat till they could eat no more.  When at last Laura set down her plate, she sighed with contentment.  She didn't want anything more in the world."

Pretty fascinating stuff if you ask me.  A totally different life.  I could think about things like this all day.



  1. you should read the books to your girls. i loved when my mom read "big kid books" to us before we were able to read them ourselves.

  2. We just got done reading ALL of the books as a family. It took us several months. My children loved them! (especially Lilly). I found them very thought provoking too. Laura was so content. It also made me realize how little we really need to be happy. They were a very happy family even though they didn't have much. Inspiring!

  3. I LOVED little house on the prairie as a kid. We used to play it all the time.. I was laura and I made emily be pa! :)