Jul 10, 2010

The (Temporary) New Pad

We've settled into our new place. After much prayer and consideration, we've decided to build a house! Nate will be the general contractor and do much of the work himself. This was not really on our radar, as we planned on buying home, but this option came up and as we considered it, it seemed like the best option. So...we are deep into plans and bids and things that I never knew about before. Nate is learning so much, which makes him come alive!

One of the reasons this seemed like a good option was the availability of our good friends' basement apartment, where we are now!  Their previous renters just moved out and it was the perfect time for us to move in. They work in the construction business and have generously offered us help with this process. Our kids love each other. They live a block from our building site. Lots of great things about it.

So...without further ado...our new pad!!
The open door in the back is a third bedroom for guests and craft supplies. :)

The kitchen, obviously.

You can see the hallway that leads to the bathroom and two bedrooms.

Thanks Classens for opening your home to us!  We are excited to make the most of this time together!



  1. Yay! I'm sooo glad you're our new neighbors! When can we hang out?

  2. It looks great! Yay! =) Can't wait for Bible Study in there! ;)

  3. Looks like a great set-up! And so nice that it's close to your site! We actually enjoyed the building process... such a sense of accomplishement when you see things starting to come together. We were our own general, also. You can do it!! :)

    A few things we wish we would have thought of now that we're moved in...
    -outlets in the garage, storage room, strategicly placed outside for outdoor lighting, in the pantry, laundryroom, etc. Basically, we'd love more outlets in different places that we didn't think we'd need them.
    - mudroom/place for people to drop stuff as they come in the door
    - insulation in the walls between kids rooms! (so a crying baby doesn't wake up a sleeping toddler)
    - extra closet space on the main floor to store a vacuume, etc.
    - three stall garage or extra storage space to keep all our kids stuff that's accumulating in! Those trikes and bikes take up some room, we're realizing!

    That's about it... you probably thought thru all of that already, but if not- thought I'd tell you what we learned!! Have fun!! And congrats again on #3!