Aug 9, 2010

Full Kitchen.

A full kitchen makes me happy. :)
It seems like wherever we live, the kitchen is really the center of our home.
What can I say, I guess we like to eat?
And I like being creative in the kitchen.
And I love processes that, though timely, enable us to eat well and cost-efficiently.
It's okay if others don't...I just love it!
So, the kitchen really is the hub of our home, and I gladly (usually) welcome the assistance of young ones.

I was thankful on this particular day when both girls and Hannah all wanted to help that there was a task I could give them with the specific recipe I was making.

Crushed cereal? No problem. :)

This affection for the kitchen has come out in our house building process.
There is so much I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of a nice kitchen. :)  It is the room we've spent the most time thinking about and carefully planning.  Nate too.

Yes, we must really like to eat. :)

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  1. I can't wait to see your new kitchen (and eat in it)! I love these photos...Hannah's underwear and all. :)