Aug 9, 2010

Water, Ladybugs, and Ballerinas.

Those were the themes of Malia's 4th Birthday party yesterday.
She and her two cousins Nevaeh and Koralee all celebrated together and we had a hot, chaotic, yummy time!

Our picnic moved indoors, since it was 105 degrees outside.
Two pregnant ladies were ready to get out of the HEAT! :)

The Birthday Girls.

Her ballerina outfit was her specific request...down to the colors of each piece. She didn't know she was getting it yesterday, but she had been talking about it wanting it for months.

This girl has some good moves, I tell ya.

This girl has some
She's not afraid to be herself, let's just say that.



  1. What a great party! Thanks for letting us take part.

  2. Gma Farwell10:53 PM

    Fun party - fun kiddos.

  3. What special girls, and friends, and family! I'm glad you had a lot of fun, even on such a hot day!