Sep 3, 2010

Fall in the Country!

So, it was 62 DEGREES this morning.
Hello, amazing.
I took the girls for a Scavenger Hunt.
Let me just say, it made my day.
The weather was so nice it was almost cool.
We walked through our neighborhood over to where our house is being built (I think I need to post another picture of that soon) and the atmosphere made me think "fall in the country".
It was quiet.
We walked along the gravel road behind our house.
The breeze could be heard in the trees.
The air smelled different.
So the scavenger hunt was a success, but what remember is the feeling of fall.

Then Gail and Jason dropped by unexpectedly. Spontenaity totally blesses me.
Good day.

The fall mood made me bake zucchini bread.
And wheat rolls for dinner.
The dough is rising now, and I can't wait. They're yummy.

Oh...and we got our sample door for our kitchen cabinets today. They are just what I was envisioning, so that made my day too.



  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds like a great day! =) Love love love fall! =)

  2. What a great day! I SO want to see your door sample!

  3. I want to see the door sample too. The feeling of fall does bring some excitement, but I'm a summer girl, so it's a little sad for me.