Sep 2, 2010


Have you ever tried to find a magnifying glass at Wal-Mart?
Such a simple hard to mind in a mega-store world.
I thought maybe in pets?  or kids' toys?
But it was in the pharmacy.  It took finding a manager to locate it.  
I guess for all those prescriptions that are hard to read.  Makes sense.

The girls enjoyed "being scientists" and "studying" things outside the house and in.
My mom handed down to me some Activity Cards made by Discovery Toys that I had when I was little.
I LOVED those cards and remember always wanting to do them.
So I'm using some of them in our school time.
This one was just a simple story about some scientists who went to the moon to collect rock samples and studied them with microscopes.  Then it encouraged kids to use a magnifying glass to study their own things.

Malia was so proud to carry her magnifying glass all the way home from the store. :)


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  1. Love the discovery through a magnifying glass. I will be sure to ask to them on Saturday! What a great idea!