Sep 14, 2010

Our Own Personal Zoo.

Come look in our window well!

It has frogs in it. All the time. Right now there are three.
There were five at one point and I made Erica take all but one out for me.
Did I mention that I'm pretty much scared of frogs?
They are so grose to me.
Even just looking at these pictures makes me grimace.
I am reminded of frogs in our window wells growing up.
There were often frog corpses in them too.
But I've learned to live with them, because of the girls' fascination with watching them.
Can you see all three?

I'm not sure how old I was, but I have a specific memory of getting my Dad's bebe gun out of the garage and shooting at frogs in the window well.  I was so grossed out by them, I just wanted them dead.  Sounds mean, I know.  I actually felt a little bad afterwards.  But its a clear memory, nonetheless.

I have another memory of my friends trapping me in an office and convincing a younger sibling and cousin to go gather frogs from outside and shove them under the door.  I don't know how many were in there.  I was standing on a chair trying to trap them with a wastebasket.  Traumatized.  I think I was in high school for that one :)



  1. I have a memory of us in our dorm room and there were frogs on TV on some talk show and we had to turn it off as you were so freaked out. Love ya, looney

  2. Holy cow! There are more now! That is crazy... haha, I will always get them out if you need to again! ;) I love that the girls like to watch them... It is so fun to have it right there at your window! Well, it is fun for them... ;)