Sep 11, 2010

Purple Power Play on Poyntz

This post is slightly delayed, but we took the girls to this event downtown last weekend.

Balloons were totally their favorite.

Also watching the firetruck shoot water.

Mom and Dad (Nate and I) even got to go to the game last weekend with his family!  Jenni and I opted to sit most of the time, with our round bellies and all. :)

The girls have been saying "Goooo K-State WILDCATS!!" since that day.
Malia wants to give Willie a hug and a kiss and show him her ballet outfit.
Daddy loves it. :)



  1. We're chanting "GO K-State!!!" at our house too! And my free-be cups have been the inspiration for many of Ethan's drawings this week. Didn't anticipate that one! At least at this point in time, we may have a pretty purple family!

  2. Got a glimpse of your tummy in some of these photos! You look great! What an adorable little bump! Can't wait to meet another sweet Sapp girl!