Sep 25, 2010

Quick Easy Craft Project.

I got this idea from this blog.
I thought it would take some time, but it went really fast and was something that both of my girls (ages 2 and 4) could help with.

I had thought about doing this for awhile, and decided I'd better get it done before all the flowers were gone. I think I waited until the last day possible. After some rain today, most of those pretty yellow sunflower-looking things in all the ditches are gone! We picked the remaining signs of flower life!

We just used watered-down glue, cut up tissue paper, and an old molasses jar.  So pretty!


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  1. Erika-Fun idea! I'll bet the girls love it, too! I did something similar last year to use as 'luminaries/lanterns'. When your flowers die out, just plop a tea light down in there. It'll look pretty with different colors coming through. I did 4 all-pink ones for a baby shower and then also glued on the letters 'b-a-b-y' was a fun cheap decoration! Here's one last idea:

    I love crafts! :)