Sep 20, 2010

Taking some risks.

I am so proud of Malia.
This little girl is not a risk-taker.
Even (maybe especially) when it comes to performance.
She's like her Mommy.  She only wants to try something in front of people if she knows she won't fail.
If there is a chance it won't be perfect, or at least good, she won't try it.

This trait has kept her from "branching out" in the art department.  She loves to draw what she knows, but that means we had a about 30 pictures of little people floating around.  All with the same body and face.  Nothing else.

Until lately!  Not sure what happened, but I'm so proud of her for trying new things!

In "school time" I drew out a picture of our house that is being built and asked her to copy it.  I just used basic shapes and a few other lines here and there.  I didn't expect her to want to, but she was excited about it.  And she did great!  (It's not this one, but the one below it.)  Since then, she's been trying other things, without any guidance!

She said this one was our house (the current apartment) and our family.  She laughed when she talked about Josie having short hair.  Apparently, this was humorous to her.

This is the one of our house being built.  She loves color!  So do I.

This is a family of cats.

This is her playing soccer with a fireman.  (Notice the red hat.)  The firetruck is on the road.

And my personal favorite.  Both girls been obsessed with Willie the Wildcat and K-State lately!
They pretend they are taking an airplane to "go to K-State" and see Willie the Wildcat.
They don't quite get the concept yet that K-State is about 10 minutes from them.
I love how she drew the head shape and ears to actually look somewhat realistic.  And she even put the number zero on his shirt.  I thought that was pretty observant.
Oh, she didn't know how to spell Willie the Wildcat. :)  I told her the letters and she wrote.

I hope there are many more pictures from her drawing table that float around our house.



  1. Yay! That is exciting and it's so fun to see her drawings! Love them.

  2. Oh my... Those are to precious! I love the Willie one! It is so good! =)

  3. Gma Farwell10:08 PM

    Her creative mind is working!