Oct 20, 2010

Annual Photo Session.

Each year, for about 3 years now, we've attempted to take our own family photos with these dear family friends.

As the kids get older and more numerous each year, it becomes more difficult. :)
We've not edited many of them yet, but I thought I'd share these.
Malia loved the outdoor stage at City Park.  She wanted to put on shows while "the audience" (us) watched.



  1. :) so fun. That last one of Malia is precious.

  2. i love the super dramatic pose where she's on her knees with her one hand in the air!

  3. Gma Farwell11:12 PM

    Oh my, that is so Erika 28 years ago! Love it, love it.
    (it sure is fun enjoying you all over again, erika)