Oct 17, 2010

On the Home Front

Much is happening on the home front.
Here are some updated pictures, which will be changing even this week.

Here I am standing at the south edge of the living area.
I'm in the actual living room which is open to the dining room (where the sliding doors are) and the kitchen beyond that.
This will feel like one big open room, sort of.
There will be an island that you can sit at going from the dining area to the kitchen.
The kitchen sink will be under that far right window looking into the back yard.
The patio will be out the sliding doors.

This is a picture of what was directly behind me in the above picture.
Those long open rectangles on either side of the fireplace will be built-in bookshelves.

This picture is looking directly to my left of the first photo in this post.
The front door and foyer.
The open hole is the stairs to go downstairs.  There will be railing up to that half-wall.

This is what you see when you come downstairs.  The living room area in front of you.
Hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom off to the right.

This is what you see if you look back at the stairs after coming down.
The door under the stairs will be a closet for toy storage.

And finally, we've been painting!  Well, not me exactly.  Nate and some kind friends.
This picture was obviously taken in the middle of the project.
We'll have to post some finished pictures of that soon.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like that house is coming right along! Can't wait to see it and help you with something!