Oct 30, 2010

Their Space.

This little closet under the stairs is going to be the girls' toy storage.
Just one of the many spaces I am loving about our house design.

As this house is unfolding, I am more and more excited about how we designed it and the fact that we tried to give it some little touches of an old house with character. We won't have an old farmhouse, but I must say, I'm pretty excited about how our "design-it-ourselves" home is turning out!

For those who don't know the process we've been through, Nate and I sat down and pretty much designed our home from scratch with a blank piece of paper and a pencil with a big eraser.  I would start, he would add his thoughts, I would erase and tweak, more thoughts from Nate, more erasing and tweaking.  I spent a couple of long evenings with that paper while he was working at Challenge.  From there we drew it on graph paper.  From there it went to the drafter.  The result is pretty unique from most modern new construction layouts.  And I just love it more and more as we're seeing our ideas take their shape.

Back to the toy storage.
Nate came up with the idea of letting the girls pick their OWN color for this space.
Whoa...big stuff.
AND letting them help paint it.
But with Gogo and Grandma's help, they got to do just that!

I took the girls to the store where they picked out their color card (PTL they could come to an agreement), we watched the paint lady mix it up, and off we went to the painting party going on at our house.

The color is called " [something] Heather".  I can't remember the first word.  It's kind of a dusty pink.
Oh, the stories that will fill this space over the years.



  1. This warms my heart, Erika! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. How awesome... can't wait to see more pictures of the house coming together!!

  3. Oh my... I love the new pictures at the side and I love this post! This is going to hold great memories for them! =) Love it!


  4. What you talk about in this post is what I enjoy most about your new home...that you guys put so much thought and creativity into making it "you". There are so many thoughtfully planned aspects to it. You've done great work!

  5. What fun! I can't wait to play in the "something heather" closet! :)

  6. i love the idea of the under-the-stairs-closet-playroom! growing up, we had family friends that had a HUGE old 3-story house/mansion in an old downtown neighborhood in leavenworth that had a coat closet under the stairs. behind all of the coats, if you crawled through was a little lit space under the stairs where we played. it was like the narnia wardrobe to us.

  7. oh, and by the way, i think you should scan and post images of your sketches and graph-paper drawings on your blog. and you should frame them as a cute home decor project for your new house!