Nov 8, 2010


It struck when I read the following quote in the Bible Study over Ruth I'm doing with other moms.
The chapter was talking about work not being a means to blessing, but actually being the blessing.
It made me think about how I often miss holy moments in mundane routines or tasks because I'm so focused on what the experience is not.

But I so believe that great, fulfilling, life can be found in daily life routines and seasons if we meet God there. And not just that it is possible, but perhaps even what God intended.
That in trying to just "get past" all the dirty work, I might miss out on some the most holy moments I could experience.

So I wanted to keep the quote in front of me to remind me.
And I had come across this tutorial earlier that I knew I wanted to try sometime.
So I went for it.
I love being creative, but I'm not too confident with paint. So every time I set out do do something with it, I get kind of insecure/hesitant/etc. I actually really liked how this one turned out, which was a relief!



  1. That is so great, Erika! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see it displayed!

  2. That is great Erika! The title says it all!! =) The painting is great too!!

  3. That is an awesome quote!! What's the name of your Bible study?