Nov 12, 2010

Trees are one of my favorite things to photograph.
Especially in the fall.
Something that is so simply, yet so boldly, beautiful puts me in awe of God.
So I took some pictures while on campus the other day.
These were all in one particular area of campus and it was just so pretty with all of its colors. Loved it.

 This one reminded me of an enchanted forest or something.
It is actually by the President's house which you can see along the bottom.
I'm trying to enjoy all the fun things about Fall before it passes us by.
Any "you-must-try-this" baking recipes that I should know about from you all?



  1. BEAUTIFUL! Of course, the subject matter is awe-inspiring, but you did a great job as the artist capturing the foliage! Are you willing to share these photos? Seriously, I'd love to print some to seasonally hang in our home if you're okay with that. I especially like the one in your blog title header.

  2. I love it! I did a post just like this! I love trees too!!! =D I love your pictures!!

  3. great fall recipe: pumpkin bread with dark chocolate chips...mmm. i also crave chicken pot pie almost every day in the fall. my ingredients: vegetable stock, chopped onions, cubed sweet potato instead of carrots (just for something different), chopped spinach, or broccoli and cauliflower (whatever veggies are in the fridge), chicken, salt, pepper, tumeric, and curry. cook till veggies are tender and chicken is cooked on the stove. if you need to thicken the mixture, sift in a Tbsp of flour to the liquid. add mixture to pie crusts and bake. yum. i want some now.