Dec 27, 2010

and the Sapp Christmas...

We were able to spend lots of time this week at Nate's parents' house.  His sister and fam were there for a couple of days too, so the girls had more cousin time!

One special treat that happens almost every time we visit Babu and Gogo is having pancakes for breakfast.

Josie and Malia just love their baby cousins, so Elias was well-loved. :)  He's a pretty easy guy to love!

And of course, the girls were thrilled with their gifts.

Babu read the Christmas story from the same book that was read to Nate and Jenni when they were kiddos.
The kids love it and take turns moving the pictures on the pages.

Nate and I feel so blessed to have two pretty amazing families that we are a part of.  Thanks Babu and Gogo for all the work you did to host us and for the great generosity you extend to your family!
We love you!

On a side note...I don't think I've felt hunger for about two weeks.
The combination of Christmas food and being three weeks away from having a baby has led to the revelation that my self-control is weaker than I thought it was.
Hmmm....not so good.


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