Dec 21, 2010

Christmas at Home...

Christmas continued today in the Sapp house.  Since we'll be away from home from the 23rd - 27th, we decided to do our own family Christmas early.

Plus, maybe I was a little excited to give the girls their presents...
We gave them two of Nate's sets of toys from when he was a kid.  So cool.

This wooden train set...
with a bridge...

...and magnetic cars.
So fun.
They keep telling people that Daddy played with it when he was a kid.

And a mondo tub of legos.
I mean...there are so many legos in this thing, with so many booklets of pictures of things to make.

They've only had the "big" legos before.  This is their first set of regular ones.
Mostly just for Malia at this point.
She was most excited about the number of Lego Men.  In her big set, there is just one.
This tub has plenty for whole families, so she can pretend her little heart out.
Today she was making a house for our whole family.

And the last thing...a Little House on the Prairie book for each of them.
They followed us around the doctor...into Wal-Mart...

When Josie opened hers, she exclaimed "Almanzo! (It cracked me up that Almanzo was first.)  Mary!  Laura!  Jack!"
So fun to see her eyes open so wide.



  1. My children LOVE the Little House books. We have read all of them together as a family (yes, all 9!) and are in the process of reading them again. I loved the little dresses and bonnets your girls got! Lilly has been asking me to make her a bonnet. :) I love the gifts you gave your children! What special memories they will make with those!

  2. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I'm so glad I saved these when Nate would tell me over and over that he didn't want them! I just need more pictures of them playing with them! Love it!! Love it!! Gogo

  3. That is so fun!! I love that those were Nate's! How fun is that!? I love that you have them hooked on Little House!! =)

  4. What wonderful gifts! I'm betting you will come home sometime from running errands with the girls and find Nate playing with his old toys by himself in their play room! HAHAHA! I can just picture the scene now!

  5. Gma Farwell10:40 PM

    (I like the jammies)