Dec 20, 2010

Christmas Begins...

Christmastime is upon us!  We are also days away from moving into our home and 4 weeks away from having a baby.  So...thus the lack of posting lately.

We were able to have some fun time with my family this weekend.  We didn't get many pictures :( but it was chaotic, fun, and way to fast, as usual!  My kids are 2 of 8 grandkids, all ages 4 and under.  (2 more are on the way!)  So my parents' home gets messy, lively, and loud really quick!  But that is part of the fun.

We only got pictures of the gift-opening this year.

The change in expression just cracked me up in these two photos.

My mom made some pretty rockin' awesome Little House on the Prairie dresses, aprons, and bonnets for the girls.  It was all made from my late Grandma's sewing stash.  Pretty cool.

Thanks fam for a fun time.  How I wish we could do it more often. :)



  1. Gma Farwell8:39 PM

    Yes, doing this more often would be good! (not the whole Christmas thing, just the together thing). I smiled a lot today, remembering the weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Those dresses are darling!!! They are so great! Looks like fun! =) Can't wait to hear stories from the girls about it all!