Jan 13, 2011

10 Days After Moving...

And feeling more settled. :)

Here are some shots from around the house:
While we have yet to get furniture in our upstairs living room, the girls feel free to run, dance, and spread out their books.

We've tried not to make many purchases for the inside of the house since we finished building it, but this is one thing we did get.  I'm sitting on it right now and loving it!  It was $6 at a second-hand store and it's sturdy and so comfy.  But mostly, I am loving the fun blue color!

(...having a contraction...okay working through it.....I'm back.)  They seem to be picking up these days.
Love the built-in bookshelves.  Once we get furniture, I anticipate this area feeling like a cozy little hearth area...can't wait for that.

The dress up hasn't slowed down.  I love to see them sprawled out on the wood floors.

I made this photo display to replace a bulletin board that was no longer big enough to hold pictures.  I did the whole "buy an old window frame and break out the glass" thing.  I distressed the frame, attached some chicken wire, and used mini-clothespins to hang the pictures.  I intended this to be my project, but it ended up  requiring Nate at least as much as me.  But we like the result. :)

There has been a small amount of baking...but not much yet. :)

We had our first snow a few days ago!  It has been COLD!  Last night it got down to 0 degrees!  They begged and begged so we let the girls play in it one morning.  They lasted for about 10 minutes.

And the little boogers.  They are great friends and I love hearing them talk to each other and come up with games and songs together.  I seriously live in a musical some days.
Nate's aunt is going to make some cushions for our window seat.

Any day now for Aliza...we're praying for a safe and healthy delivery!  It is going to be kind of a unique birth experience...if you want to know more, I'd be happy to share.

Now if I can get her baby quilt and crib sheet made, we're pretty much ready for her to come!


  1. So fun Eeka! Thanks for sharing. I was going to make that EXACT frame/ chicken wire craft this month. It was one of my post-holiday crafts. I'm using it to hang notes, cards, wedding invites, baby announcements and my words of encouragement on :) Love it!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of your new place! Praying all goes well for you in the coming days/weeks!!

  3. Looks great! I love the detail you put into things. It is a work of art. Can wait to see it in person someday!

  4. A love it!! It looks great so far!! I cannot wait to see it with everything! I love the bulletin board! So great! I also can't wait to see those girls again! =D

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Erika! Looks like you are enjoying it. I noticed that most of the pics are from upstairs...do you all use the downstairs as much as you thought you would? Can't wait to see the furniture - that will be fun. Looking forward to meeting Aliza - sounds like it won't be long!

  6. Have been waiting for some post-moving pics. It's looks like home already! I love the fireplace wall.

    I'm anxious to hear about your birth experience. Your mom told me a bit about what you were going to try at Christmastime. I'm hoping that I'll get to have a non-cesarean option this time around, but am doubtful. Any glimmer of hope is an inspiration. I hope it works out for you!