Jan 22, 2011

Baby Lovin' and Snow Candy

We've gotten some good baby lovin' in around this house.
Except for poor Malia whose flu has infringed upon her baby snuggling desires.
I feel so bad telling her she can't hold and love on her.  What a bummer to miss out on.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the 100% better day.
The rest of us have enjoyed our snuggles.

Pardon my post-pregnant belly. :)

Since when did my #2 start looking so grown up?!

And today while Grandma was here, we made snow candy based off of...of course...Little House on the Prairie.  We copied what they did in the books (find directions here).  Let's just say it was easier said than done.  But the girls thought it was cool.

When Gogo was here we made snow ice cream, so the recent onslaught of snow has given us some good activities.

I plan to take some house pictures soon so I can put a little house tour on here.
That, and I'd love to tell the story of Aliza's birth.  Just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
Soon to come...


  1. Yes...get around to telling that birth story! :) Curious minds want to know!

  2. I can't tell you how excited I am to see you this upcoming weekend.

  3. Beautiful family!

  4. I'll look forward to hearing the birth story and seeing the house in person in just a few days! YAY!!