Jan 28, 2011

The Cut.

  We made the cut.  Josie's first hair cut EVER.  Her hair has become her trademark and it was just so hard for me to finally take her to get it cut!  But it was time.  Pretty raggedy on the ends.  Here she is sitting in the hair-cutting chair.  She was as still as you could be.  And didn't say a word.  Very unlike Josie.  She just stared the whole time, which made the job easy for the hairdresser.

Mid cut.

Post cut.
I think she's pretty cute. :)

Conked out this morning after she woke up.  I don't think she was quite ready to be awake yet. :)


  1. So sweet. That picture of her laying down, she looks JUST like Malia.

  2. Oh my! Cant wait to see the cut in person! Cute!

  3. She is just so darling!!! =) I love the haircut!

  4. Cute cut! Cute Josie!!!