Feb 15, 2011

396 months.

With the 1 Month milestone of the youngest Sapp, the older two wanted to know how "old" the rest of us were.
Aliza = 1 month
Josie = 34 months
Malia = 54 months
Nate = 347 months
And I come in at the winner with = 396 months!
We've come a long way, baby.

But not this baby.
She's just starting out her life.
Can you imagine being BORN in 2011?
What will her life be like?

Say cheese.


  1. These are the greatest pictures!!! =D I love the ones with all three of your beauties!! So cute!

  2. Nanette7:30 PM

    Precious pictures, precious girls. (and look at those 3 personalities in the last picture!)

  3. So sweet, Erika--I love your girls! The last pic of Josie made me laugh--what a ham!