Feb 10, 2011

Almost a Month.

This little munchkin is almost a month old.
Let me say, Aliza makes it pretty easy to say that having 3 kids is great!
She's one laid-back chica.
Except for a little gas drama here and there (and what baby is without that), she is sooo easy.
Like, put-her-down-awake-and-she'll-fall-asleep-on-her-own easy.
I just love her little pug face!

 People say she looks like her older sisters.
Do you think it's true?
I can't really tell, but then I don't think Malia and Josie look that much alike.

She surely won't doubt that she is loved.

She gets sung to, read to, kissed, hugged, held, talked to, all day long.
Well at least during her few waking hours. :)
She's finding her way into our daily life.

Patrick and Lindsey, we "borrowed" this bouncy seat from you when Malia was born.
Ummmm....oops we still have it.
I feel a little sheepish.


  1. She IS beautiful. And she does look a lot like her older sisters. Reading your blog makes me want to try for another... girl... maybe, I should stop reading... ;)

  2. I think she looks more like Nate than Malia or Josie. I don't know if it is the eyes or her head shaped, but looking at that straight on shot I see Nate looking back at me! :-)

  3. Nanette2:36 PM

    Oh, the girl has changed in a week! Happy first month of your life, baby girl! So thankful we have her - she is a mix of you all and looks like Aliza!!