Feb 20, 2011


My Grandma and Grandpa came to Manhattan with my parents yesterday!
Aliza gave her Great-Grandma lots of smiles. :)

The picture below is pretty moving to me.  I can just imagine all the thoughts and stories going through my Grandma's head that make up her lifetime...
her wondering what life after her lifetime will be like...

My Grandpa told us one story yesterday about when their daughter (my dad's sister) was born during a snowstorm.  My Grandma's eyes lit up and she smiled as he told it and it made me wish I did a better job of asking them questions about their life.

It's a privilege to have the generations in my family still close to our lives.


  1. That is amazing Erika!! What great pictures! Aliza will treasure those someday! =) So glad that you got to experience that too!

  2. Nanette10:17 PM

    Oh Erika, we got a treasure on the way home. Grandpa started telling stories about the early years of their marriage - it was great!!

  3. What fun! I so enjoy seeing those two when I go home to watch Valerie's games. Still keeping track of stats and cheering everyone on from the bleachers. Those pictures are wonderful.