Feb 1, 2011

The Tour.

Okay I've finally got some pictures of the house to give a little online tour:

Here is the entryway from the front door.

This is looking left when you enter.  You're looking down the hallway that goes by Aliza's room and the big girls' room.

What you see when you look strait ahead from the entryway:

Kitchen, which is open to the living room seen above:

This is just off the kitchen:

The laundry room has a back door exit.
It's in between the kitchen and master bedroom.

The Master, now housing Aliza as well :)

So around the hallway, you'd find Aliza's room:

the big girls' room:

(this frame has pictures in it now)

and a bathroom that I didn't take a picture of.

Then the basement:
The basement also has a couple of spare rooms, a bathroom, a kitchenette if we ever want to have renters, and storage space.

We are so, so enjoying our new home and I'm so grateful to my hard-working husband!


  1. the house looks great! you know what? i don't even think i saw Aliza's room when i took the tour! don't know how i missed that. it was so fun to see you last saturday! love ya!

  2. What a beautiful home and I just get happy knowing how God is going to fill it with students and how their lives will be changed there! Well Done, Nate and Erika!

  3. What an inviting home. A lovely place for a family to grow up. Congratulations.