Feb 19, 2011

What's My Deal?

Why has it taken me so long to discover the "non-fiction" section of the children's part of the library???
I guess I knew it was there, but for some reason I kept thinking it was for older kids.
Does "non-fiction" imply older level reading?
Um...no.  I'm a dufus.  I've been missing out!
There are some great sections over there that will be great with home pre-schooling!
Malia loves to learn things from books.
We picked out a book about butterflies, a book about gardening, and a book about making collages.
Okay, really I picked them out while she did puzzles.

That last one is called "I Love to Collage" and it's by Jennifer Lipsey.  It has some great ideas in it and has several projects that use everything from construction paper to fast food cup lids.  It doesn't require any specific art supplies, which is nice for me because we pretty much just have the basics: glue, scissors, markers, crayons, watercolors.

Today we made this "stained glass" display to hang in the window.
Gluing the tissue paper on:

On display on the sliding doors.
I can't wait to plant grass this spring. :)

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