Mar 24, 2011

Ants in my Pants

Spring has got me itchin' to get moving in some of the various areas of my life.
I feel inspired and ready for new, fresh things.
Plus, my husband was home today and tomorrow from Spring Break, giving me some precious time to run errands or work on different things!

First off:

1) finish Aliza's quilt.  It is pieced, it just needs quilted.  A dear woman in my church has offered to let me use her quilting machine nestled up all cozy in her barn loft.  Sounds fun doesn't it?  I'm actually pretty intimidated. I've never used a quilting machine before and I don't want to break hers!

2) make curtains for both Aliza's and the older girls' rooms.  I have what I need, just need to do it.

3) Easter dresses??  Yeah, probably not.


I'm rarin' to go on this one.  The only problem is that...we have no yard yet.
We need to regrade the yard before we seed, and I would hate to have to tear up whatever garden I started now.  And it's getting late for some of the "cool weather" things I wanted to plant - potatoes, spinach, broccoli.  

So I guess before garden comes:

I'd like to try some "edible" landscaping. :)  Spices?  Fruit?  Maybe nuts?
And we definitely will be planting some trees - some fruit.  Right now I'm planning on an apple tree in the back yard.  And a sour cherry tree maybe in the front??  Would that get too messy looking?  I really like the idea of having it in the front so neighbors and kids could come and pick from it if they like.  A neighborhood cherry tree, of sorts. :)

What do you think?
Anyone with fruit trees or edible landscaping have any input/words of advice for me?  I'm a novice here.
Also...any input on what would look nice in the above pictured landscaping area?  Like I said, I have no clue.

And lastly...

Get in shape!  I mentioned Operation Sapps-Get-Thin a little while ago.

1) I just ordered this DVD with some birthday money.  (Side topic:  I took Jazzercize classes from my friend Lindsey when she lived in town.  Jazzercize ROCKS.  Lindsey, come back and teach me again!  I looked up some videos and decided to order this one.  So if you come to my house, beware.  You may find me dancing and sweating away in front of my TV.)

2) I've been taking walks outside since the weather's been nice.  Walking and praying is one of my favorite ways to meet with God.  And every place I've lived since we've been married, God has given me a walking route that I really enjoy.  Actually, it's gotten progressively better with each home.  My previous route was here.  I'm excited to take my camera along sometime soon so I can share my newest walking route with you.

Did I mention that literally right around the gravel road corner from our back yard is...the country?  I love it.  I count it a gift from God.


  1. Fun pictures. I like the borders and the words. It's a fun switch-up from other types of pictures.

  2. Spring also gives me ants in my pants to get going on projects! I love the renewing inspiration and energy spring brings!

  3. I love the idea of edible landscaping! I have NO idea when is a good time to plant these things but...
    ...kale is a beautiful plant and really good to eat too!
    ...lavendar and russian sage are very pretty and smell great. Not really edible but good for drying and using in linen closets/dresser drawers.
    ...thyme is a great alternative for ground cover.
    ...instead of non-edible shrubs, you could plant a berry bush (raspberry or blueberry).
    I'm so full of ideas and so lacking the talent to actually grow any of these things!! ARG! I will live vicariously through you!