Mar 9, 2011


We were blessed to have two fun families visit us recently!
The little cutie in the middle, along with her parents, came to stay with us this weekend.
The girls played...

...and the adults got to play games!
Something Nate and I love to do with people, but it's hard to find people who really enjoy playing games.
We got a Settlers of Catan and a Mystery of the Abbey game in.
And best of all was the chance to reconnect and hear about their lives since they've moved out of town.  I sure love and miss my friend!

And yesterday Nate's sister's fam came to town!
These kids really love each other (Josie and Elli go off and play together so well - I love it! - and it's also a bit scary...yesterday I found them clothed in the bathtub and Elli told me she had just finished wiping Josie's bottom after going poop.  I think she was telling the truth.  Nice.)

All the while they were here, it started snowing March. must make you appreciate the sovereignty of God and His reign over this earth.  Sometimes weather serves as a reminder to me that even though so often I think I'm in control of my life, I'm really not.  I am at the mercy of the Creator of the Universe.  I have a great need to release my life to His control and trust Him!

Anyway...we so cherished our time with the Amershek clan.  I can't believe they are getting ready to return home (across the ocean, that is...) in a few short days.  I am celebrating with them and grieving at the same time.  

Anyone else who wants to come visit...know there is an open door!


  1. Do you also enjoy playing "Ticket To Ride"?! Similarish and super fun! Maybe a smidge quicker though. ;)

  2. Yes I love "Ticket to Ride"!