Mar 3, 2011


Home pre-schooling with Malia has been pretty blah since moving.
Mostly just working in her workbook for 20-30 minutes.
Lucky for me......she LOVES that!  I mean, the girl's eyes light up and she starts jumping around and hugging and kissing me when I tell her she's going to have some school time.  No joke.  Just in the workbook.  She loves it.

Not to say that she's not being educated outside of those 20-30 minutes.  "Craft" time has started to dominate most of Malia's days.  No kidding...I set her up with paper, scissors, glue, and markers and she's good for hours.  And she's learning a ton!  I love that she's coming up with her own ideas, gets her own vision, and decides for herself how to carry it out.  Good brain exercise.  She makes all kinds of things.  She was into making books for a while.  Anyway, she's learning so much about writing, how to sound out words, word structure, etc.  She likes to write a lot so she's always asking me how to spell such-and-such.  She's gotten really good at sounding out words.

Anyway...all this draws me more and more to homeschooling.  Ahh, but that's a topic for another blog post.  Lots of thoughts about that.

This was all a tangent.  What I meant to write about was the fact that I actually did a little "structured" school activity today with the girls.  For the first time in a long time.  They were kind of wary at first when they just saw straight lines on the paper, but then they got into it.

It's a weather calendar for the month of March.  They get to draw in the weather for each day.  I didn't realize until we were into it just how many topics we would be able to talk about as we made it:
- day/week/month patterns
- how many days in March?
- how many days in a week?
- a new day starting after a "big sleep"
- practice with counting and writing beyond 20.
- sounding out "March"
- identifying the weather

They really loved it.  Malia asked me after her nap if it was time to do the weather calendar.  She's still learning what "tomorrow" means and when a new day starts. :)

There are probably some really cool ideas online about this.  I just used poster board, butcher paper, and foam stickers, and markers that we had.  Nothing fancy.  I kind of like it better that way.  They get to do more.

I figured March would be a good month to do a weather calendar, as we should get some variance in weather. 

Bring on the sun!  I can't wait to start my (oh so simple) garden.  Oh the learning that will take place with that!


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  2. Love you! Can you homeschool so that if WE do, I have a reference? :)