Apr 29, 2011

And how many months later...

Aliza's quilt is finished - and she's 3 1/2 months old!
I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
Don't look too closely at the edging...not the most quality work.  But the "crinkled" look that happens after washing cotton batting really helps it to blend it. :)
And it has "character".

I tried my hand at free-arm quilting, thanks to a kind friend from church.
Again...not a pro.  But it sure was fun!
You do it standing!  It kind of feels like you're dancing when you use the machine - have to get your whole body into the movement and loosen up.

The embroidery hoops are filled with remaining fabric from the quilt.

One project done!


  1. Cute! I am truly amazed at your quilting skills. That is something on my list that I have yet to tackle. I love embroidery hoop art! I have some in my girls rooms (with leftover fabric from Lilly's quilt!). Great job, Erika!

  2. Nanette10:41 PM

    Very cute. Nice touch adding hearts into the random stitching.