Apr 2, 2011

Baby girl.

It's been fun to have a baby again. :)
And of course challenging.  But I am really enjoying this phase with Aliza.  She's showing so much interest in things and trying to join her sisters with her own "talking" and "singing".
I definitely see some of those sisters in these pictures.
(just for kicks, compare Aliza to Malia at the same age...
or here...
and then to Josie...
See why I'm confused when people say she looks like Josie??)


  1. She is a doll! Definitely looking like Malia, no doubt about it after looking back at those pictures. Glad she isn't a screamer like Malia:). Loving all these posts this week!

  2. Oh my goodness. I think that this post just made my heart melt! She is such a great mix between both! More of Malia, but I see a little of Josie too! =)

  3. Love the pictures! Thanks!

  4. Okay, but what if I still think she looks like Josie? I agree, not baby Josie, but there is some real similarity to the Josie I know now! :) We met our new Josie and all my kids could do was tell her about their cousin Josie! Love you!